1. When a Who's Who Member receives the promotional invitation for the Companion Ticket, with the purchase of a Base Airline Ticket as established in the contract of which this annex is an integral part of, he/she will be entitled to receive a free return airline ticket for one adult with the same characteristics as the purchased Base Airline Ticket (travel dates and destination), in economy fare (the fare cannot exceed of the maximum price ("tariff") in effect at the time that the Base Airline Ticket with the airline proposed to the Client was purchased), to depart from and arrive at the cities and destinations listed in this Certificate Offer (see Paragraph 16).

  2. Once the reservation is confirmed, the ticket becomes non-transferable, since the names that appear on the reservation confirmation must be the same as the people who are traveling. The Purchaser of the Base Airline Ticket must be the person to whom the Certificate Offer was sent to, and he/she must pay for the airline ticket with the corresponding taxes using a credit card.
  3. This Program is valid only for the destinations listed in Paragraph 16. Direct flights to Europe can incur additional costs if other alternate routes are available.
  4. Both passengers must travel to the same destination.
  5. The confirmation number on the Reservation Form is only to request Companion Ticket and for the price of this ticket through One Stop Travel of Orlando, Inc. Said price cannot exceed the maximum price ("tariff") in effect at the time that the Base Airline Ticket was purchased, with the airline selected by the Client.
  6. The Companion Ticket cannot be used in combination with any other promotion, discount programs or other discount fare programs including government, group, tour, convention, student or children’s fares or internet travel agencies rates. This ticket cannot be reimbursed or transferred. The client is responsible for the cost of the Base Airline Ticket, all taxes corresponding to the Companion Ticket and the ticket emission fee for both the Base Ticket and the Companion Ticket ($15 US each). Once the tickets are issued, changes will not be permitted in the itinerary or to the names of the passengers.
  7. The client must complete his/her trip within 12 months from the date of issue of this Certificate Offer.  Reservations can be booked up to nine months prior to the departure date however; tickets must be acquired at least 21 days prior to departure. Tickets for flights departing between December 15th and January 5th must be acquired at least 60 days prior to departure. There is a charge of $150 US for all flights departing between December 15th and January 5th, except flights to Europe. Open undated tickets are not allowed or tickets with no return destination specified.  Users cannot spend the night at a layover en route to their final destination. All tickets must have a return date registered. The round trip must be completed in 30 days.
  8. The cost of Base Tickets to Europe will depend on the departure and return dates and the specific season of the year. However, prices may not exceed the maximum price ("tariff") in effect at the time the Base Airline Ticket was purchased with airline selected by the Client.
  9. One Stop Travel will try to honor the route and itinerary that the client selected on the Reservation Form, however, One Stop Travel reserves the right to select the airline at its discretion, based on the availability and participation of certain airlines, being able to choose any commercial line in the market, consulting and obtaining the Client's authorization regarding the chosen route and airline. All tickets must be issued electronically. Additional charges for the delivery of tickets using courier services such as FedEx may be incurred.
  10. Because the airfares frequently change, occasionally prices shown in the Price List by Area may be cheaper than those listed. The operators will look for the most economical price for the traveler. However, One Stop Travel reserves the right to declare a flight unavailable if prices or availability changes; in which case the client will be offered another itinerary to fulfill their trip. Prices cannot exceed the maximum price ("tariff") ") in effect at the time that the Base Airline Ticket was purchased, with the airline selected by the Client.
  11. All Offers for Companion Tickets are valid only for the client to whom the Certificate Offer was sent, are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Duplication or copying a ticket will render the ticket null and void.
  12. Limitations to availability of flights during vacations as well as other seasonal restrictions to certain destinations may apply.
  13. No term or condition may be modified without written authorization from a manager of One Stop Travel.
  14. To take advantage of this offer, the client must have an unblocked credit card with no overdue balance at the time the Reservation Form is submitted to obtain the Companion Ticket. Additionally, the credit card should not have restrictions that prevent the authorization of charges for the purchase of the Companion Ticket, related taxes or fees to issue the airline tickets. One Stop Travel may not charge anything other than the cost of the Base Ticket, the corresponding taxes for the Companion Ticket and the ticket emission fees; any additional expense must be previously authorized in writing by the credit card holder.
  15. This offer is only valid where permitted by law.
  16. The following is a list of destinations for the Certificate Offer. New destinations may be added to the list without previous notice.


    Corpus Christi
    Des Moines
    El Paso
    Kansas City
    Las Vegas
    Little Rock
    Los Angeles
    New Orleans
    New York
    Oklahoma City
    Salt Lake City
    San Antonio
    San Diego
    San Francisco
    St. Louis
    Washington D.C.
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