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Innovation is at the heart of our company. We design, develop, fulfill, and manage proven travel-driven promotional and incentive programs that are customized to meet the precise needs and objectives of our Clients.
Our turn-key solutions not only ensure each client customer receives the very best care throughout the fulfillment process, but also meticulously track all data points within each program so our team can continually offer campaigns that are relevant and value-added for each customer, and further enhance each participant’s lifestyle.

Our Loyalty DNA: Customer-Centric

Personalization and relevance. That's what customers are looking for in loyalty and incentive programs. Our solutions are designed to help Clients enhance the customer's experience with their brand, generating more frequent usage, building deeper connections, and creating greater satisfaction.

Products And Services

Travel Incentives

Low-cost, high value travel incentive packages and programs offering greater campaign ROI.

Custom Programs

Tailored programs designed to enhance the customer's lifestyle and experiences.

Turn-Key Fulfillment

In-house agents ensure optimal customer care and support in all phases of the fulfillment and booking process.

Mobile & Digital

Our on-board technical team helps customers interact with the program at all times.

Client-Centric Strategy

360-degree, continuous program performance reviews and improvements

Consumer Engagement

Meaningful travel-drive campaigns offer value along the customer’s journey.

The One Stop Advantage

We combine cutting-edge technology with decades of experience to create a more personalized, memorable and meaningful loyalty and incentive campaign experiences through…


Our technology platform is flexible, secure and PCI compliant. It enables us to safely connect with systems of Clients and partners to implement end-to-end initiatives.
  • Loyalty and incentives platform
  • Mobile and digital integration
  • Redundancy for improved security

Award Fulfillment

OST and its partners offer a full spectrum of awards:
  • Awards catalog including travel, merchandise, gift cards, experiences and donations
  • Digital awards
  • Redemption at the point of sale
  • Merchant network redemption
  • Discounts and cash back at online and offline merchants
  • Lifestyle-enhancing awards through partners


We offer marketing support and insights for every program that we implement. With our extensive experience in domestic and international markets, we can guide Clients on innovative marketing offerings that will incentivize greater customer participation and engagement.
  • Stand-alone and ongoing promotions
  • Marketing creative support
  • Digital marketing and social media strategies


One Stop Travel offers an end-to-end incentives infrastructure, so that Clients do not have to worry about any of the operational aspects of a loyalty or incentives program. Customers can enjoy the benefits and features of a modern program through their mobile phone, digital means, online and offline merchants.
  • Incentive infrastructure
  • Customized program management modules
  • Online and offline merchant marketplace
  • Award fulfillment
  • POS redemption of points and other loyalty currencies
  • Call center and travel agency
  • Travel engine

Customer Strategy

We work closely with Clients to understand their customer incentive program goals, in order to design solutions that best meet their needs and support their priorities. We consider the business and financial objectives to determine how to drive the best results for the organization and the greatest campaign ROI.
  • Evaluation of Client needs and goals
  • Consumer research and competitive analysis
  • Consultative management approach
  • Financial analysis support and recommendations
  • Ongoing review of program performance and refinement of strategies


Data management and analysis is at the heart of our technology-driven marketing efforts. We can personalize programs and offers with the insights gathered from ongoing initiatives. We offer:
  • Dashboards
  • Tableau integration
  • Flexible data inputs, can be daily, weekly or monthly
  • Can share customer data with Clients to enrich marketing segmentation
  • Addition of data from other sources to enrich the analysis
  • Business and competitive intelligence

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide proven travel-driven incentive products and programs that create meaningful connections between clients and their customers through an integrated omnichannel approach. We are committed to building, managing and fulfilling customized travel-driven growth strategies that help our clients increase customer acquisition & retention, reward customer action, improve employee performance, and strengthen brand loyalty.

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With more than 30 years in the travel and travel promotions business, One Stop is one of the leading incentive companies in the United States. Our turn-key, customer-centric approach to building, managing, and fulfilling premium travel-driven incentive products and services provides valuable benefits to our national and international B2B and B2C clients, helping them build successful loyalty, acquisition and retention campaigns.

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